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Raigo Lokotar - Ex EVS volunteer

"When I look back to my EVS project in Hungary, I'm glad that I took part of it. I really enjoyed my time there : I met so many amazing people, built up so many great relationships and experienced so many different things. When talking about experience, I must be completly honest that within 9 months I experienced more in Hungary than in Estonia within 18 years. The project really opened my eyes and I had the most amazing time there. Without a doubt, there were also bad times because EVS is an emotional rollercoaster, I'm even thankful for the bad times because I managed to learn how to handle them.

 When talking about work, the most important thing for me would be relationships with people whom I work with and work for. The trust between people is vital and I had complete trust for my two coordinators whom I worked for and for the volunteers whom I worked with. Whenever I was in dire need of help I always had the support and this was so amazing because people were with variety of backgrounds.

During my project I learnt quite a lot. I became more independent, open-minded, confident. I started putting more trust in myself and in others. In addition I learnt how to handle different situations. I feel like as person I developed considerably.

In the end, the affect that this project had on me was immense. I took part of different activities I never have done before or I was afraid to do.    "

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