Halloween Night in Mother Shelter

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The 25th of October a Compass team fulled of energy unpackaged all the matherials in Mother Shelter parking, ready for Halloween day. Kids went outside to wellcome us and few minutes later we start dancing, singing and playing with them. They didnt stop smiling during the whole afternoon, and so did us. We start the day transforming normal kids in superheros, cats, monsters, and everything we can make with the facepainting paints. Then we made out of some plastic bags and cartulines great withches costumes for everyone. Only using their imagination and few pieces of cartuline they created faboulus cute pumpkins and with eyes closed, and playing by teams, they also found the nose of the witch!, training their creativity and working together.we closed the day with some healthy and terrofying snacks and a family photo we will always keep.


Halloween Mother Shelter                              Halloween Mother Shelter 2

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